What is personal loan mean?

Personal loans are unsecured loans with fixed payments and a fixed payment schedule.


How do I apply?

By sending your application detail thru our webpage and we will reply to you then you will need to attend to our office along with all your documents required.


How long does it take to process my loan?

If all your document without doubt and complete, we will approve your loan within 1 day.




Term & Condition

  • Representative Annual Percentage Rate (APR) or range
    • Maximum 18%
  • Fees of Loan Application incl. all fees
    • Processing Fees RM 50
    • Runner Fees RM 50
  • Implications of Non-Payment
    • Additional 1% interest rate charges if payments are late or missing
    • No legal consequences if payments are late or missing
    • No legal actions will be taken if payments are late or missing
    • No impact on credit score if payments are late or missing
  • Renewal Policy
    •  Minimum 3 Months & Maximum 5 Years of  repayment period.
    • Automatic Extension of Loan which passed the payment period.
    • Upon renewal, there will be no fees or (interest) rate changes.
    • Payment date change to new cycle from the date renewed.